The Musical Career Advice Lars Ulrich Parted Onto His Sons To Keep In Mind For Their Band

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You may have heard that the sons of Metallica‘s Lars Ulrich happen to be in a band together, that band being Taipei Houston. This past summer, the band released a music video for their song “As The Sun Sets,” and will have a new release out as of tomorrow (titled Once Bit Never Bored).

During a recent conversation with Rock Sound, Myles and Layne Ulrich talked about their work as a band, as well as opened up about some advice that their Metallica dad has parted onto them. Speaking to what that advice entails, the following is shared:

“Yeah, I think especially early on, he gave some advice that was cool. You know, we played him a few songs and… there’s not really like one soundbite in particular [regarding advice Lars gave]. It was more just like stuff about, you know, ‘Don’t waste time doing this or doing that; don’t take 10 years to make your music.’ Like, ‘Get it out there, go show people what you’re doing.’ You know what I mean? Just be smart and time-efficient and the kind of stuff like general industry advice – which is always really good to have, I think, because the music industry is crazy.”

What do you make of this advice that Lars Ulrich has parted onto his sons? Keep a look out for Taipei Houston’s Once Bit Never Bored when it comes out tomorrow! Speaking of advice from Metallica, Castor Hetfield of Bastardane – and the son of Metallica guitarist/singer James Hetfield – has also gotten some wisdom from his metal dad. Earlier this year, Bastardane released a new album titled Is This Rage?. If you have already heard the album, what are your thoughts on it?

In other Metallica related news, Devin Townsend recently reflected on his relationship with Jason Newsted and spoke to the pressures of rock stardom that were impacting the ex-Metallica bassist.