R.I.P. Power Rangers Actor Jason David Frank, Proud Nu Metal Fan & Someone Who Made Our Childhood More Fun

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It was a sad day for all of us ‘90s kids when Green Ranger actor Jason David Frank passed away earlier this week.

Power Rangers may have had some of the cheesiest fight scenes known to man when you look at them these days, but this was just the kind of cutting-edge kids entertainment that made the ‘90s as fun and weird as they were back in the day.

On the musical side though, Jason also was apparently a big early adopter and lover of the nu-metal genre.

In an interview conducted with Louder a few years back, The Green Ranger had mentioned being a pretty big fan of rock music, first calling Nirvana a big inspiration for the kind of hustle he had to make in Hollywood, saying:

You had to work hard to show who you were. Look at Nirvana: they had to work their way up through the grunge scene, gangster rappers had to work the media, and sometimes the media wouldn’t catch up to something until a week later!”

When you look back at his musical taste though, Jason was the perfect kind of fan to get into nu metal, saying:

“Me and my brother liked kind of the same thing, but he went a little further to the metal stuff and I went a little further to the rap stuff. I loved the controversy from both of those scenes. So we’d jam Ozzy Osbourne, Beastie Boys, Nirvana… I was big-time into 2-Pac and NWA, and my brother was into Twisted Sister and all the heavy metal bands. It’s crazy, because I see those guys at Comic-Con all the time now!”

Once nu metal started to gain traction, Jason really respected the grind musicians had to take back in the day as well, saying:

“I remember watching System Of A Down back in the 90s when they were trying to come up, going to The Roxy and giving out their 8-track! Same for the guys in Korn, too.”

Aside from some of the dated effects though, Jason seemed to be one of the more genuine music fans out of the glory days of Power Rangers.

The costumes may have been a bit much, but he would have fit right in on the Family Values tour back in the day. Sincere condolences and well wishes to his friends and family.