Video: Guitarist For The Black Crowes Slams His Guitar Into A Fan Who Trespassed Onto The Band’s Stage

Black Crowes - SMASH STAGE INVADER Melbourne 20/11/2022 , STARE IT COLD and Restart: Greg Valentine, YouTube
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Over on YouTube (via Greg Valentine), footage has been uploaded that features The Black Crowes guitarist Rich Robinson hitting a fan with his guitar. Why did Rich hit this guy with his guitar? Well here is some additional context.

This incident took place at a show in Melbourne, Australia; at one point during that show, a fan made their way onto the stage. Now, we have seen footage of some people running up on stage and causing a scene, but this guy really caused a scene.

Per the video footage of this incident that you will find below, while the band is performing, you will see security run out onto the stage. At first, you can’t see the fan who made their way onto the stage, but they eventually appear. The guy then fends off security and eventually gets close to Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson.

Chris threatens the guy with his mic stand and it seems like he does hit him with it (though it is a tad tough to tell if the stand actually landed on the guy). Security continues to try and push the guy away; eventually, the guy is wrestling with one security guard, which is all taking place in front of guitarist Rich Robinson.

And then, in a moment that is very easy to make out, Rich Robinson slams his guitar into the guy who had been invading The Black Crowes’ stage. Once the guy is off the stage, the band halts their performance and demands that he gets thrown out of the venue.

Talk about one hell of an experience! This guy got really up in the band’s space, and that is not cool at all. You can check out this footage for yourself below. When it comes to other related stories, some time ago, we shared footage of a fan who ran up on stage during a Slipknot show. They were able to dodge security for the most part.

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