The 2023 Grammy Metal Nominations Were Wrong, So We Fixed Them.

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Earlier this week, the 2023 Grammy nominations for “Best Metal Performance”  were announced. Among those nominated are: Megadeth, Ghost, Turnstile, Ozzy Osbourne, and… Muse.

Listen… we, like many others, understand that the Grammy’s are a load of bullshit. They aren’t so much a celebration of quality art, but more of a means to highlight already established and popular artists and boost record sales.

Although, cool exceptions do happen (Turnstile rules). And both Power Trip and Code Orange both received (deservingly so) Grammy nominations over the past few years, which is incredible. But shining a light on amazing younger bands and releases that haven’t sold a ton of records should be the norm, not the minority.

And look, don’t get us wrong- when it comes to this year’s nominations, these are obviously some great acts and songs (for the most part), but in our opinion… these nominations do not highlight what is truly the best metal has had to offer at this particular moment in time. Ozzy’s the god, Megadeth is one of the all-time greats, but do these acts REALLY need another nomination?

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With that thought gnawing at us over the past week here at The Pit, we asked ourselves: who are the bands/acts that really deserve love and have put out some truly amazing art this year? Great question, right?

After mulling this over, here’s our suggestions to the Recording Academy for “Best Metal Performance of 2022” and “Best Metal Album of 2022” nominations; the latter is not to be confused with The Pit’s picks for Best Albums of 2022 (that will come at a later time):

Best Metal Performance:

Best Metal Album:

  • NetherheavenRevocation
  • Pain Remains – Lorna Shore
  • Rashomon – Ibaraki
  • God’s Country – Chat Pile
  • 劇變 (Jubian)Ripped to Shreds

Let us know in the comments what your pick is when it comes to each of these categories.