Taipei Houston Speak To Their Musical Heroes And Don’t Mention Their Dad Lars Ulrich

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With a brand new project that has just recently come out, Taipei Houston are feeling pretty good right now. Featuring the sons of Metallica‘s Lars Ulrich (Myles and Layne Ulrich), the music of Taipei Houston makes for an exciting blend of exhilarating rock.

Via a recent interview with Guitar World, the brothers speak to their musical experiences growing up, as well as talk about some of the technical elements associated with their new release, Once Bit Never Bored. Among the topics discussed, the brothers are asked to name their musical heroes, to which they both do. But we can’t help but find it a little comical how neither brother mentions anything about their dad Lars Ulrich; given that they were raised by a drumming legend, they completely omit any mentioning of him when it comes to this question. Hell, neither mentions anyone from Metallica here. That being said, both brothers do mention some amazingly talented musicians here is what each one shared:

Per Myles Ulrich: “Dave Grohl is a really big one for me for drums, as is [Black Sabbath‘s] Bill Ward. On guitar, I’d have to say it’s people like Jonny Greenwood, Jack White and Tony Iommi. All of the Sabbath guys just generally!”

Per Layne Ulrich: “For me, it’s mainly Geezer Butler and Lemmy. Both of them have been very inspirational to me because they’re more than just traditional bass players. I’ve always been into people who kinda push the boundaries.

“The main thing we get really interested in are the musicians who are also great songwriters, from Josh Homme to Alex Turner. They’re very song-oriented players. Obviously I have to mention Paul McCartney because he’s a songwriter and a bass player… you can’t not say him [laughs]!”

Some great heroes there for sure! In that same interview, Myles speaks to why his dad refused to teach him how to play drums.

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