‘We lost our brother’: Suicide Silence Members Reflect On Mitch Lucker 10 Years After His Passing

Stuart Sevastos, CC BY 2.0, Wikipedia
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Yesterday marked the 10 year anniversary since Mitch Lucker, the late frontman of deathcore act Suicide Silence, passed away. Lucker joined Suicide Silence in 2002 and took part in creating their first studio album The Cleansing (which came out in 2007). After that release, Mitch and the band would go on to create No Time to Bleed (released in 2009) and The Black Crown (released in 2011).

On November 1st, 2012, Lucker was involved in a motorcycle accident, and after sustaining severe injuries, was later pronounced dead. The metal community was devastated to learn of Mitch’s death; in honor of his life, a major memorial show was held where several iconic metal vocalists took part in performing various Suicide Silence songs.

Via a recent conversation with Heavy Consequence, Suicide Silence members Dan Kenny and Chris Garza took part in an interview where they reflected on Mitch’s death. Speaking to his late friend, Kenny shared the following: “As a friend, he was everything, and as a frontman, he was everything. We think about him every day because we play his songs every day. … We’re still honoring his legacy every single day.”

Garza also shared the following about Mitch: “I say this a lot: He’s still in the band. … I still feel he’s in the band helping us make those hard choices. … We lost our brother, my best friend, and the face of the band all in one fuckin’ second. I was there. I saw it happen.

“To be able to see his legacy go on — it’s Mitch. He was an above life guy. Now, being around the younger bands playing a similar style music … man, look what he did for the heavy metal scene and for the deathcore genre. There’s Mitch and there’s a far away No. 2.”

The metal community still feels the loss of Mitch Lucker to this day. We love and miss you Mitch <3