Nu Metal Godfather Ross Robinson Speaks To The Most Important Korn Song In The Band’s Catalog

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For you mega fans out there, what do you consider to be the most important Korn song? Well, for the Nu Metal Godfather (aka, music producer Ross Robinson), he has an answer in mind.

A couple years ago, MEL Magazine published a feature that explores the genre of nu metal. Robinson was asked to take part in that feature and provided a plethora of insight into the genre. At one point, he was asked to comment on his work pertaining to the Korn song “Faget.” The interviewer makes a point to speak to how the song discusses homophobic bullying and toxic stereotypes, and they ask Ross to provide some insight into this song. However, in answering this question, Ross also brings up another Korn song. Per Ross:

“That was the band’s closer whenever they played live before they got signed. And it would always just slay. Honestly, I don’t think we captured it as well as I remember the shows being. It’s one of those things where I’d like to go back in time and redo it. It feels a little held back somehow. Maybe it was the day. It’s still great, but I do remember there being much more emotion and emotional pull. ‘Daddy’ is always the king for me. I love that song.”

The interviewer then asks Ross if it was difficult getting Korn singer Jonathan Davis into a place of emotional rawness (in order to perform the song). Ross shares, “All I did was I went into the vocal booth and said, ‘You know what to do, right?’ That was it. There was no holdback. I looked him in the eye and probably held his arms or something, and said, ‘You know what to do, right?’ And he said, ‘Mm-hmm.’ I don’t think either of us has recorded anything as badass since.”

Then Ross is asked about how everyone reacted upon hearing the band record this song – and this is where Ross drops one hell of a big claim.

“Oh, dude. Everybody’s fucking faces were full of tears; it just slayed everybody. Best thing to happen for all of us. It’s the foundation of that band, man. That one song right there. For metal to have something like that in it, for the first time in history is like… You can’t fuck with it. It’s the forbidden zone. And they went there. All of them.”

There you have it folks – the Nu Metal Godfather has spoken, and he believes that “Daddy” is the foundational song of Korn. Do you agree with him? While Ross Robinson may be in awe of the track, Jonathan Davis feels quite the opposite. In fact, Davis somewhat recently shared that he will never perform the song live again.

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