Falling In Reserve Frontman Ronnie Radke Says Sebastian Bach Was ‘Rude’ To Him During Their ‘Laptop Beef’

Ronnie Radke: Falling In Reverse Facebook / Sebastian Bach: Jamie, CC BY 2.0, Wikipedia
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Back in October, Falling In Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke and ex-Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach got into one hell of a beef. And apparently, Radke is still salty about the whole situation.

The long-short of the matter is that there was a show that Falling In Reverse could not perform because they didn’t have laptops on them (and they needed those laptops to perform the show). Radio personality Eddie Trunk made a comment on social media about a rock band needing laptops to perform music; this pissed off Ronnie, who then fired back at Trunk on social media. One thing led to another and Bach got involved and the two artists went at each other.

Now, per a new conversation with Meltdown (of Detroit’s WRIF radio station), Ronnie speaks about his beef with the ex-Skid Row singer. When asked about this beef, he says that he found Bach to be rude (and that others have backed him up on this). Per Ronnie (all of the following quotes have been transcribed by Blabbermouth):

“I stand my ground and I just stand by what I believe in. [Sebastian] was so rude; he’s rude. Some prominent people in music DMed [direct messaged] me. It made me feel a lot better. I don’t wanna call them out. But they were on my side. Even some famous wrestlers — some huge legendary wrestlers — hit me up too. And they were, like, ‘He’s always been an asshole.’ I’m, like, ‘What do you mean?’ I didn’t know this. I had no idea. He was, like, ‘Yeah. Look.’ And he shows me his screen[shots]. I’m, like, ‘God, he’s so rude to a lot of people. Oh my God.”

When asked how the beef between the two artists got rolling, this is what the Falling In Reverse singer had to say: “It started because I said I couldn’t play a show ’cause our laptops are like our engine, and I stand by that. Our biggest song is almost multiplatinum, and it was No. 1 on the radio, and 60 percent of the song is literally a rap beat. Am I supposed to, like… They don’t understand that; they just don’t get it. It’s not like Skid Row or Mötley Crüe. Even Mötley Crüe — Nikki Sixx came to my defense, man. I think that’s super cool. He defended me too.

“For anybody that’s a dinosaur that doesn’t understand what I’m saying right now — that’s literally a dinosaur — every single band that you heard in the past 20 years has laptops. Kiss — I mean, all these older bands have laptops.”

The conversation continues with Ronnie speaking about how important laptops are to the band’s music, sharing that such technology is like an “engine.” He says that, when he performs live, he does not lip-sync. At one point, he goes on to challenge folks who want to say he is “faking” it up on stage.

“I’m, like, ‘Bro, if you think I’m faking it, just go on YouTube and watch any video. Tweet me a video where it looks like I’m faking it.’ And nobody can. There’s no faking it. We’re not faking it. We need our rap beats. We need our synths. We could have, like, 25 people on stage, if that’s what makes Sebastian Bach happy. I’m sure nobody else would care. Six different fucking keyboard players. Let me get two more buses on tour, which will cost 250 thousand dollars, and their pay and hotels, just so Sebastian Bach is, like, ‘That’s real.'”

What do you make of Falling In Reverse relying on laptops and Ronnie’s beef with Bach?

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