Randy Blythe Reflects On Being Hit With Rubber Bullets + Teargas While Documenting Black Lives Matter Protests

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Whether it is through the band’s music, some wisdom he is sharing with someone or documenting a major global event, Lamb of God frontman Randy Blythe has always been politically active in some sense.

Some of Randy’s political work comes in the form of his photography; for many, Blythe has enjoyed the art form of photography, sharing his work with followers on social media. While Blythe is fond of taking photos of many different subjects, he has also used his photography to highlight political movements and serious situations taking place in our world.

Some years ago, Randy made his way to Standing Rock, documenting the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline; Randy actually wrote about his experience at Standing Rock (via Rolling Stone). In 2020, Randy took to the streets, documenting the protests taking place after George Floyd was killed by a policeman. In a new interview with Metal Hammer, the Lamb of God frontman speaks to his experience as a photographer, including how he was shot at with rubber bullets while documenting these protests. Per the Lamb of God vocalist:

“I was on the streets all summer of 2020 [during the Black Lives Matter protests], getting teargassed and shot at with rubber bullets. A good photograph can change the course of history. It’s my way of interfacing and making sense of the world – looking at photographs later, it helps me to realise why I chose to look at a certain subject or follow it in a certain way. It’s as much a document of my mental state as it is a document of what you can see.”

The Lamb of God frontman is absolutely right – a good photograph can absolutely change history, and there are many photographers working today and striving to cover what is taking place in our world.

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