The Original Lineup For Hardcore Band Biohazard Has Reunited And Is Making New Music

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As reported by Metal Injection, the original lineup of New York City’s Biohazard has reunited, and they are working on some new tunes! This reunited lineup features the likes of Billy Gradziadei (guitarist and vocalist), Bobby Hambel (guitarist), Danny Schuler (drummer), and Evan Seinfeld (bassist and vocalist).

With new music in the works as well as some upcoming shows taking place next year, each member has provided a statement regarding this awesome news! You can find each of those statements below, as well as some past music from Biohazard below. We have also included some of their upcoming concert dates.

Per Billy Gradziadei: “Over the years, we made some great music together and had so many incredible shows on some pretty amazing tours. After spending so much time and focus on Powerflo and my solo project BillyBio, things just fell in place at the right time and I decided it was the time to recapture that energy and go kick ass again with the original lineup of Biohazard with Danny, Bobby, and Evan!”

Per Danny Schuler: “Life is short, things happen, and before you know it, it’s too late – that’s why I’m extremely grateful that we are getting the chance to do this again, forgiving the past and focusing on the future. I’ve missed the band and the great times we’ve had, and I’m looking forward to the shows, the travel, and seeing our friends all over the world again… This is gonna be awesome, let’s go!”

Per Evan Seinfeld: “It’s been ten years since we all played together, and I’m in a huge place of gratitude for the opportunity to get back to the roots of Biohazard and not only reconnect with the other guys, but also the fans. We’ve been through decades of madness, and it feels like the fantastic four are back together.”

Per Bobby Hambel: “I’m honored to perform with the band again. I can’t wait to get onstage with the guys and do what we do! I’m looking forward to traveling and playing live – see you out there!”

  • 8/4 Czaplinek, Poland – Pol’and’Rock Festival
    8/10 Jeromer, Czech Republic – Brutal Assault
    8/13 Catton Park, England – Bloodstock
    8/19 Eindhoven, Holland – Dynamo Metalfest