Nickelback Is Being Inducted Into Canada’s Music Hall Of Fame

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After 27 years of performing together, Nickelback is officially being inducted into Canada’s Music Hall Of Fame! As reported by Blabbermouth, the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences and CBC have announced that the rock band will be inducted into the country’s Hall Of Fame as part of their 2023 Juno Awards. This ceremony will be held on March 13th, 2023 in Alberta.

While some can be really harsh critics when it comes to the band, there is no denying how much of an impact they have had on popular rock and roll music over the years.  Over the course of their career, the band has released nine albums (with a tenth album on the way).

Those previously released Nickelback albums are: Curb (released in 1996), The State (released in 1998), Silver Side Up (released in 2001), The Long Road (released in 2003), All the Right Reasons (released in 2005), Dark Horse (released in 2008), Here and Now (released in 2011), No Fixed Address (released in 2014), and Feed the Machine (released in 2017).

The band’s tenth album, titled Get Rollin’, will be released this month. Nickelback is comprised of the following members: Chad Kroeger (guitarist and vocalist), Ryan Peake (guitarist, backing vocalist, and keyboardist), Mike Kroeger (bassist), and Daniel Adair (drummer, percussionist, and backing vocalist).

Congratulations to Nickelback on this major accomplishment! We are very happy for you guys! When it comes to other stories related to the band, their frontman, Chad Kroeger, recently talked about how they do not take themselves too seriously when it comes to creating music. Also, did you know that Chad and Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor have had issues with one another in the past? Funny enough, Chad once threw out a dig saying that Stone Sour was trying to sound like Nickelback!

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