Ghost, Megadeth, Muse, And More Nominated For 2023 Grammys’ ‘Best Metal Performance’

Morten Skovgaard, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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With the 2023 Grammys taking place in just a few months, the nominees for “Best Metal Performance” have been announced! Those nominees involve the following bands/acts and their respective songs:

We have to say, including Muse in this category sure is an… “interesting” choice. Back in August, Muse singer Matt Bellamy spoke to Slipknot having an impact on the band’s latest record Will of the People.

'We never pretend to be able to touch those guys': Muse Singer Cites Son's Fandom Of Slipknot For Inspiring Band's 'Metal Sound'

That said, we do think “Kill Or Be Killed” is a neat song. In fact, all these songs are great! While we will keep it to ourselves, we know which one of these tracks we certainly would pick as “Best Metal Performance.” Of these songs, which one is your favorite? And, which one do you think is likely to win?

If you are not a fan of these nominees, who do you wish was picked instead? There is a lot of amazing metal that came out this year, so trying to pick just five acts/songs can be one hell of a challenge!

When it comes to other “end-of-the-year” stuff, Decibel magazine recently awarded Undeath‘s latest album It’s Time… To Rise from the Grave their Album of the Year!

Undeath's 'It's Time... To Rise from the Grave' Crowned 'Album Of The Year' By Decibel Magazine

As it stands right now, what is your favorite metal song and favorite metal album of the year? Back in May, we asked readers of The Pit to vote for their favorite metal album of 2022 thus far (and the results were very interesting). You can check out the results for yourself via the link below (it seems a lot of you really like the new Undeath and Ghost albums). Keep a look out for some end-of-the-year content to come from The Pit in the near future!

As Voted By Readers Of The Pit - Here Are The Best Metal Albums Of 2022 So Far