Munky from Korn Missed a Chance to Sign Eminem Before He Blew Up

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If you’ve taken a look at any nu metal ‘90s video, you know that there’s power behind the crowd of people.

Even if songs like “Nookie” by Limp Bizkit could get by on their own, it was all about getting tons of extras to bounce on command all at the same time, almost like they were piranhas attacking a ham towards the band.

And with Korn being one of the biggest acts around at the time, it wasn’t really surprising that some talent from the other side ended up rubbing elbows with them along the way.

After kicking down the door with their debut self-titled, it was a few years later that single “Got the Life,” turned them into a global force.

As Munky recalls about the making of that music video, he had had a little too much to drink the day they were filming and didn’t remember someone sliding him a tape, sayingThere were some extras on the set of our video ‘Got the Life.’” He continues:

“Some kid came up to me and gave me his demo. I was really drunk and I was like [out of it]. He’s like, ‘Hey, check it out, I’m a rapper.’ I’m like, ‘I’m just a guitar player.’ It turned out that kid that was on our video was Eminem. He was an extra in that video. I vaguely remember that happening.”

In the interview, Head even chimed in to let his fellow guitarist have it, saying “Thanks a lot, man. We could have been billionaires. We could’ve signed him before Dre.”

Granted, there are a few more cameos in the video of icons before they really blew up, including members of Orgy and UFC fighter Tito Ortiz going absolutely mental at the time. 

Then again, there’s a good chance that Em may have had some nu metal chops at the time as well, being featured on “Turn Me Loose” off of Limp Bizkit’s album Significant Other just a few years after this record came out.

It’s never easy to spot legends when you see them, but there was apparently something in the water at this video shoot. 

Watch Munky tell his story about Eminem in his own words: