Metallica Stole A Special Bottle Of Wedding Champagne From Their First Managers

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Jon Zazula and his wife Marsha Zazula founded Megaforce Records in 1982, and both of them would also become Metallica‘s first managers. Jon and Marsha did a tremendous lot to support bands and artists, such as Anthrax, Bad Brains, Testament, and obviously, Metallica.

Marsha passed away on January 10th, 2021, and Jon would pass away a little more than a year later on February 1st, 2022. Recently, a tribute event took place celebrating the work of both Jon and Marsha. At the very beginning of this event, a video was played on a big screen that featured members of Metallica speaking to their late managers.

James Hetfield, Kirk Hammet, and Lars Ulrich spoke to early memories involving Jon and Marsha. Among the sentiments shared about the Zazulas, Ulrich says, “Ground Zero for everything that was Metallica, and the Zazulas, was in Old Bridge, New Jersey – was their house.”

At one point, James speaks to the story that involves the band stealing a special bottle of champagne that belonged to Jon and Marsha; this was not out of any maliciousness, it just happened because the guys were rambunctious dudes back in the day.

James mentions “raiding” the Zazula’s liquor cabinets, and when Marsha learned that the band stole her wedding champagne, she was not happy at all! Hetfield says, “She was pissed,” and recalls her saying, “Dude, I was saving that! That was the champagne from our wedding!”

You can check out a video below that features the members of Metallica sharing stories involving Jon and Marsha Zazula (including that story about the wedding champagne). Rest In Peace Jon and Marsha, thank you both for all you have done to help artists and bands <3

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