Metallica Have A Graphic Novel Coming Out!

20 minutos, CC BY-SA 2.1 ES , via Wikimedia Commons
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As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, thrash legends Metallica have a graphic novel coming out! This graphic novel will be part of Headshell, a new imprint from Vault Comics.

Speaking to this partnership between the band and Vault Comics, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich provides the following comment: “The team at Vault are pushing boundaries and are bold storytellers. We are excited to partner with them.”

Headshell looks to be an imprint that provides original stories inspired by music artists; along with Metallica, other acts such as Def Leppard, The Beach Boys, and rapper Redman will also be getting their own stories.

We have no idea what to expect from a Metallica graphic novel, but needless to say, we will absolutely be picking ourselves up a copy! As images and a release date become available regarding this new Metallica graphic novel, we will keep you posted.

But the thrash legends are not the only metal band to venture into the world of comics and graphic novels. Somewhat recently, Swedish melodic death metal act In Flames also announced a graphic novel. The book is titled In Flames: The Jester’s Curse, and will be released by the folks over at Z2 Comics. Along with In Flames and Metallica, the likes of GWARSpiritboxJudas Priest, and Pantera have also ventured into the territory of graphic novels.

In other book related news – while not a comic or graphic novel – Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor recently opened up about the new book he is working on! At the time of this writing, Taylor has released four books and one comic. In talking about this project he is currently working on, Corey mentioned the types of characters that readers can expect to come across. As another work of fiction to come from the Slipknot frontman, we are very excited to pick up that book when it is finally released.