Meshuggah Release Captivating AI-Generated Music Video For ‘They Move Below’

MESHUGGAH - They Move Below (Official Visualizer): Meshuggah, YouTube, WMG
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Many of the popular and intriguing AI-generated music videos that have come out recently have been fan-made creations, and it was only a matter of time before bands and artists got on board to create their own AI-related works. One that really stands out to us is the brand new music video from Meshuggah for their song “They Move Below” (which is a track off their latest studio album, Immutable).

Per the description associated with this video: “The video was produced with the assistance of an AI programmed to manipulate images based on the artist’s interpretation of themes in the music and title.”

What is additionally exciting about this video is that, whereas other AI-generated music videos feature beautiful still imagery – the “They Move Below” music video features imagery that moves. There is a watery, wavy texture applied to these images, providing this rippling impression; this element of motion further elevates the haunting and psychedelic flair of these images.

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You can check out the music video for Meshuggah’s “They Move Below” well… below! Did you know that earlier this year we interviewed Meshuggah drummer Tomas Haake? We had an incredible conversation with him where we talked about the band’s creative process and their new album Immutable. You can check out the full interview via the link below, but we have also included an excerpt for you to read here.

The Pit: What drives you as a lyricist? When do you know you’ve found something you want to explore as a writer? How does writing lyrics compare, to say, writing for drums and such? Is that two different parts of your brain creatively?

Tomas Haake: Yeah, I guess. For sure it’s different parts of the brain, as far as that goes. Lyrics used to be more like something I would delve into like once a year, or once every two years … I would just write whenever I felt inspired to write. But I think with the last two albums, maybe more and more, I do tend to write for the music once I know exactly kind of the vibe of the music. Topics wise, most of it is social commentary on what you see going on around you; sometimes it’s just pure fiction and you’re just trying to enhance a vibe that you feel in the music and try to strengthen [the writing]. It all depends, but a lot of times it’s social commentary.

"We aren’t trying to f*** with you too much...": Meshuggah Drummer Tomas Haake Talks Immutable, Creating Complex Music, + More