Marilyn Manson Claims He’s Receiving Death Threats Due To Sexual Assault Allegations

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As reported by TMZ, shock-rocker Marilyn Manson claims that his career is now in the “gutter” due to the sexual assault and rape allegations made against him. He also claims that he has been receiving death threats.

Per TMZ, they say they have gotten this information due to legal documents they have obtained. Per those documents, Marilyn Manson claims that everything from his music to TV career, to book and art sales, has taken a hit since these allegations have come out. He also claims that he is being excluded from social and business gatherings.

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Also per these documents, Manson claims he has been receiving death threats online; he shares that (per TMZ) “he’s feeling anxious, distraught, depressed, worried, frantic, sleepless and fearful for not only his own physical safety, but also his wife’s.”

Back in early 2021, actor Evan Rachel Wood took to her social media to provide a lengthy statement regarding her past relationship with Marilyn Manson, and it was there that she claimed that he had allegedly abused her. Having shared her personal experience with the rocker with the public, other women stepped forward and also spoke about their relationship with Manson. Among these other women was a former assistant, who sued Manson for sexual assault and battery. Allegedly, Manson also threatened this former assistant with legal action if she were to take part in Evan Rachel Wood’s documentary Phoenix Rising.

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The last time we heard an update regarding the ongoing investigation into these sexual abuse allegations about Marilyn Manson was back in September. That update came from LA District Attorney George Gascón, who provided a status on the investigation.

What do you make of Marilyn Manson’s claims regarding death threats and the state of his career? We will provide updates on this story as more details arrive.

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