Machine Gun Kelly’s Guitarist Sophie Lloyd is a Shredder, and Her New Song Rips

Foto: Stefan Brending
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No one’s going to tell you that Machine Gun Kelly is a musical savant when it comes to his instruments.

For as much as he might like to pump himself up as the future of what rock and roll is supposed to be, don’t expect the man to have the same singing voice as Freddie Mercury or be able to pull off an Eddie Van Halen style guitar solo anytime soon.

While people might like to mass hate on Kelly’s music as much as they can, they should really be paying attention to the Sophie Lloyd standing at stage left.

As MGK takes to the road, guitarist Sophie Lloyd has turned in the time on her six-string, running circles around the rest of the band and getting ready to put out her latest record on her own entitled Imposter Syndrome, with a single that’s as far removed from her main gig’s music as possible. 

Compared to the traditional pop-punk sounds that she might get into on the road, this is the kind of shredding that could even put a handful of metal guitarists to shame, going on long runs that could give people like Synyster Gates a run for his money.

Although you can definitely hear bits and pieces of the pop-punk sound in the way she constructs her melodies, half of the new single “Do Or Die” is dedicated to absolutely annihilating it on the fretboard.

And if this is what we’re in for now, the rest of the album is just the tip of the iceberg, with Lloyd saying that she works with different metal musicians on the record, saying:

All my music before was instrumental, so this is a very special release for me as it includes vocals, and some of the people we’ve worked with are people I used to have as posters on my wall as a kid, so it feels very full circle. It’s something that I have been working on before the first lockdown, and to be here talking about it feels amazing!”

The lineup seems pretty stacked as well, featuring Brandon Saller from Atreyu and Matt Heafy of Trivium on the record. Seeing how Machine Gun Kelly has both Sophie behind the fretboard and Travis Barker behind the drum kit, just imagine what his band could create on their own.

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