Watch: When Lemmy, Forever A Badass, Almost Fought A Disrespectful Fan Mid-Set

John Gullo | Sofajockey, CC BY 1.0, CC BY-SA 3.0, Wikimedia Commons
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It goes without saying, but the late Motörhead frontman Lemmy was a true badass. Over the course of his life, the bassist-singer proved himself to be one hell of a partier, and a guy always up for a challenge. And it did not matter who you were, if you pissed off Lemmy, he was ready to confront you.

Such a confrontation almost took place years ago during a Motörhead concert. While the band were performing mid-set, some dick decided to toss a beer at Lemmy. Per the video footage of this incident, it appears he was able to dodge the drink; however, catching eye of this, Lemmy was pissed off.

He stops playing his bass and raises a hand in the air – a gesture that eventually gets the rest of the band to stop performing. He then says the following to the audience (as transcribed by The Pit):

“Alright, listen. We are a rock and roll band, we are not a fucking target to some cunt with a fucking beer bottle. Alright? Anybody else wants to throw something at me, come up here and throw a punch, and I’ll kick your fucking teeth in.”

That dick who threw the beer bottle did not make their way up onto the stage (of course). And then like the badass he was, Lemmy picks up where he left off with the song the band were performing.

You can check out this incident for yourself via the video below. What are some other epic moments involving the Motörhead frontman that stand out to you? At this point, there are too many epic tales of Lemmy to keep straight, but one of our favorites is probably what he did post-death. C’mon, is there anything more metal than sending your best priests bullets filled with your ashes? Don’t think so.

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