Metallica Drummer Lars Ulrich Speaks To How ‘Master of Puppets’ Made Its Way Into Stranger Things

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Recently while on The Howard Stern Show, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich spoke about how the band’s song “Master of Puppets” made its way into the Netflix show Stranger Things. We know that while writing the epic moment involving Eddie Munson playing guitar, the Duffer Brothers purposely wrote that scene with “Master of Puppets” in mind – but how did the song ultimately end up in the show?

Well, it seems that the song ended up in the show because, per Lars, the band was just saying “yes to everything” when it came to offers. Here is what Ulrich had to say about the cultural response to “Master of Puppets” appearing in Stranger Things and how the band became more open to sharing their music (as transcribed by Loudwire):

“That was such a mindfuck of an experience this summer. It used to be, with Metallica, we were always the ‘no’ guys. Hey, can we have this song for this? Can we have that song for that? … And it was just — no, no, no, no, no. And a few years ago, we reversed it; we did a one-eighty. We just said, ‘You know what, this is stupid. Why are we hanging on to these songs like they’re so important?'”

Ulrich then goes on to add the following: “A couple of years ago, we started saying ‘yes’ to everything. Obviously, we’re all somewhat familiar with the Stranger Things phenomenon. But we got that in six, nine months ago, and said yes. They wanted to build this whole scene about ‘Master of Puppets.’ And we said of course. Then it came out over the summer. And it was just such a mindfuck to see how that became a phenomenon. We were so proud.”

Earlier today, we wrote about another metal song that has made its way into a different Netflix show. Also, during that same conversation with Howard Stern, Lars said that he thought that the new Metallica album was going to get leaked. Links to both of these stories can be found below.

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