Lamb of God Singer Randy Blythe Has Two Books In The Works, One Is A Sequel Of Sorts

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Back in 2015, Lamb of God singer Randy Blythe released his first book, titled Dark Days. Blythe’s first book is a memoir that explores the time he spent in prison after being accused of manslaughter.

Since that book’s release, Randy has felt inspired to write more. The Lamb of God frontman has mentioned there and then about working on a new book; however, it has surprised us to recently find out that Blythe not only has a new book in the works, but he has two!

Per a recent conversation with Metal Hammer, the Lamb of God vocalist specifically speaks to one of the books he is writing, but Metal Hammer also mentions the other book he is working on. The latter is titled Frontman, and is a book that will cover various frontmen in music. We assume this book will involve Blythe sharing his opinions on different frontmen.

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The other book is a sequel of sorts to Dark Days. Per Randy Blythe, this is what he has to say about that book: “The last book was about personal accountability. The vehicle to that was the story about me getting arrested and going to trial. This book is about perspective – the core theme is perspective and changing it to a healthy one. In recent years, I’ve been listening to other people’s perspectives rather than just trying to figure out everything myself, because I’m not going to! The book is a collection of stories about different experiences I’ve had with people and what I’ve taken away from those experiences.”

We are super excited to read both of these books! If you have yet to read Dark Days, we very much recommend checking it out. Will you be reading both of these books when they are released? In other news related to books and metalheads, did you know Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has a new book in the works?

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