King Diamonds Speaks To A Supernatural Incident Involving His Son + Visiting Haunted Castles

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We recently had the honor of interviewing King Diamond! The other day we published a great chunk of our conversation with the Mercyful Fate singer, but we thought we would surprise our readers with another special gem.

In prior conversations with other publications, King Diamond has been vocal about some of the supernatural experiences he has had throughout his life. So of course, we asked him to share such a story with us. In response to this inquiry, the Mercyful Fate frontman talked about some haunted castles he has visited (and dropped some really intriguing and eerie history on us).

He also opens up about an apartment he once lived in that was full of supernatural happenings. And in particular, he speaks about a supernatural incident that took place involving his son. And we have to say, what he shared with us gave us goosebumps! This story has some strong Poltergeist vibes.

You can read about that supernatural incident involving King Diamond’s song below. Please note, portions of this story have been edited and condensed for the sake of clarity.

The Pit: We’ve heard that you have experienced some really intense supernatural happenings. Would you be down to share such an experience with us?

*Talking about haunted apartment

King Diamond: There was an apartment in Copenhagen where Abigail was written, quite a few of the Mercy albums, and stuff like back in the ’80s. I  lived there many many years – it was super haunted, it was really haunted. A lot of people felt things like their hair being pulled and experienced a lot of things there. […] Bottles would end up all over the apartment; I had to walk around and just pick up stuff from the craziest places and put them back out in the kitchen where they belong the way I had them the day before. I’m just like, you know, [playfully speaking to whatever presence may be causing this mischief], “Yes very funny but we can stop it now please?” But there were some heavy experiences there; other people felt things, and in the bathroom [people heard] things that would growl at you. I mean, I did not experience [these incidents of feeling things] myself, but several other people experienced them, and they told me; [that said, something has] followed me a lot to different places, different houses.

I’ve experienced a lot [of supernatural things] on tours, in recording studios. There have been lots of these very strange things that involve no explanation – no matter how long you dwell on it and try to come up with a logical reason for it. So with the years when I’ve had more and more of these types of situations, it’s become so that I’m not doubting any of it, but I’d say [it takes me] a long time before I accept it, you know? Because I really really go into detail trying to figure out “What could this be caused by?” And sometimes it’s just “Okay, there’s no way this is not something like this.”

*Talking about haunted castles

[Some time ago], we played in Europe and we were staying in Prague; we had a show in the Czech Republic, we were staying in Prague for four or five days and we took the opportunity a couple of times to go see some castles. Old haunted castles – Frankensteins… not Frankensteins, Dracula’s castle, where he supposedly was only imprisoned for a couple of years maybe. We went to a place about an hour’s drive outside of Prague; [regarding this castle], it’s where they say it’s a gateway or threshold to hell. They say that, many hundred years ago, there were some prisoners that were hoisted down in a hole that [was meant to be filled up, but there was difficulty in filling it]. They tried to hoist some prisoners down there and promised them their freedom [if they could finish the job]. Those prisoners were hoisted down into this darkness and they came back out screaming and freaking out. Their hair completely turned white; they looked like they were a hundred years older.

They eventually managed to get some big metal plates put together over the hole and then they built a little religious place on top of it. But then around that was built a castle, and that castle is weird in the way that it has no protection towards the outside, it’s all towards the inside of the castle. It has extra fortifications. And they say that it’s haunted and people have been there, like ghost hunters and stuff, and [they claim to] hear voices beneath them sometimes.

*Talking about a supernatural incident involving his son

But after we were there we came back to the hotel; we were staying in an old hotel actually where Mozart had stayed and was once imprisoned because he promised to write some songs for some nobility there in Prague. So he was locked in there with his wife until he came up with those songs that he had promised. The hotel is called “The Mozart” actually and is a very nice place. So we came back and we have our little five-year son Baron with us, and he was playing in the bedroom. There was a hallway he would have to go through to get to the living room, and I and my wife were eating at the time. And then we heard these noises as if the furniture was being moved around, and we were like “What the hell is he doing? Something is not right.”

So I make my way to the bedroom and there was a desk in there and there were actually two beds; two separate beds that were pushed together – they were very heavy – and he was sitting on the desk with an iPad where he’s watching his cartoon, laughing up a storm. It was almost like a bad horror movie where you are like “Okay, what is he seeing that I don’t see?” It gave me a really weird feeling. Then I looked away from him and I looked at the beds […] and I see the two beds had been pulled apart. I’m like “No fucking way. There’s no way he could ever have moved those beds apart. No way, no way in hell.” And it’s like something came with us from that [castle], you know?

So then I told, [that whatever followed us, to go] somewhere I thought it would be useful; sure enough, 10 days later, it seemed like that fixed something for me – but I don’t know. I mean, there’s no proof of that whatsoever, but that was how it felt. That was weird to see my son [in that situation], it was starting to [feel like] a horror movie, you know? I could have expected the desk he sat on to start floating in the air because it felt that real. But that bed… those two beds were so heavy that I could barely pull them apart. But he’s five and there’s no way he could’ve even attempted to do that. But again, I heard those noises and he was sitting on this desk […] that I can’t explain, I simply can’t explain. It’s not possible.

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