Watch: Kid In A Slipknot Costume Crowd Surfed On Top Of His Dad At A Metal Festival

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When you attend a metal festival, you are bound to see an interesting mix of cool and wild shit. At this year’s Louder Than Life festival, a dad and his son went crowd surfing together; but this was not just any plain ole crowd surfing. For you see, while the crowd picked up dad, his son stood on top of him (like a surfer)!

The little kid was also rocking a Slipknot costume, wearing a jumpsuit like the band wear, as well as rocking a mask that looks like that of Corey Taylor‘s Slipknot mask from the All Hope Is Gone era.

A couple of videos of this Slipknot kid and his dad have been uploaded to social media, and you can check them out for yourself below!

When it comes to other metal festival-related stories, a few months ago, a security guard decided to cut loose and found himself crowd surfing! Also, at this year’s Sound & Fury festival, one hardcore fan spent their time twerking in a pit, and also performing a “pussy slam” on stage. You can check out footage pertaining to both of these stories by following the link below.

Watch: Security Guard At A Metal Festival Cuts Loose And Goes Crowd Surfing

Watch: Hardcore Fan Twerks + 'P***y Slams' Onstage During Live Show

And of course, earlier this year (at Maryland Death Fest), how could we forget about the couple who got “freaky” during a live performance. In a video that has been uploaded to Twitter, you will find a man lying on the ground and a woman squatting above him (said woman is not wearing any pants).

The camera catches enough detail to show the man clearly pleasing the woman while onlookers shout out with excitement and get up close to pose and take photos of the action. To check out this footage, follow the link below.

Uhh, a Couple Had Oral Sex in a Mosh Pit During a Heavy Metal Festival


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