Kellen Bischoff Of Metal Band Hellfire Found Dead After Being Crushed By Recycling Truck

Fox News, pulled from Instagram (screenshot)
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As reported by Fox News, Kellen Bischoff of the metal band Hellfire has been found dead. He was the drummer for Hellfire and was 19 years old at the time of his death. Per this reporting, Bischoff was found among trash that had been dumped out at a trash recycling facility located in Birdsboro, Pennsylvania.

Bischoff’s autopsy report shared that “victim’s injuries were consistent with having been dumped into and later compressed by the trash truck.” He had been reported missing by his family. Investigators found out that, prior to his death, Kellen was in the area visiting a relative, and he had attended a party recently.

Footage was then found that displayed the teen climbing into a dumpster; per this footage, Bischoff had not left the dumpster by the time a dumpster truck arrived. Said truck then proceeded to lift the dumpster, with the contents being poured into the truck and then compressed (those contents included the metal drummer).

Per a press release, officials say “No signs of foul play or unexplained injuries were observed to the victim.” A toxicology report is pending.

The other members of Hellfire have started a GoFundMe to help out Kellen’s family with funeral expenses. You can find a description regarding that GoFundMe below (here is a link to it as well). We send all our love to Kellen’s family, loved ones, and the band.

“Hello my name is Julian Contreras along with Alex Rietmann, Nick Anastasatos, and Estrella Vasquez Morales. Kellen was the drummer in our band Hellfire and was a dear friend of all of ours. He was very dedicated and passionate about music and our band. Due to his unfortunate and tragic passing we have set up this go fund me to help the bischoff family for any expenses such as the funeral.”