Ivan Moody Jumped Off The Stage During A FFDP Show To Help A Fan Who Was Having A Seizure

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During a recent Five Finger Death Punch concert (which took place in Columbus, Ohio), band frontman Ivan Moody halted the band’s performances in order to help a fan in the audience who had a seizure.

A video of this incident was uploaded to YouTube (by user Don Holbert), and per the description of that video, Don writes, “Don’t have the beginning of what happened. But a fan started having a seizure during ‘Jekyll And Hyde’. Ivan jumped off stage to help since people were putting the girl on her back instead of her side.”

There is also another video of this incident, uploaded to TikTok by tarynnotkaren12, which looks like it features footage of what took place prior to Don’s footage. Per this TikTok footage, you can see Ivan talking into a microphone and instructing those attending to the fan who is in the midst of a seizure.

At one point, it seems that someone is rolling her onto her back, and this upsets Ivan, who says to have her rolled onto her side. He then proceeds to jump off the stage himself and help out those helping the fan.

Once everything with the fan is all taken care of, Ivan addresses the rest of the audience and thanks them for their patience. Per Don’s footage, Ivan says, “Now forgive me, that hit me a little hard. If anybody of you have read up about anything having to do with me, the way I died was having a seizure – similar to that. So I take that very very seriously.”

When speaking about how he died, Ivan is referring to a past incident where, while trying to cut alcohol out of his life, he ended up having a seizure and died for three minutes.

Wait... FFDP Singer Ivan Moody 'Died For Three Minutes'? What The Hell?!

We tip our hats off to you Ivan – this is a powerful example of how artists can look out and help out their fans. You can find both videos of this incident below.

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@tarynnotkaren12 Ivan Moody FFDP lead singer stopped the show in Columbus Ohio and tended to a fan having a seizure. He’s amazing! They’re amazing! Hope she’s ok! #ffdp #fivefingerdeathpunch🤘 #respect #seizure #columbusohio #fyp #music ♬ original sound – Taryn