Iron Maiden x Marvel Comics Merch Collaboration Features Eddie And Your Favorite Superheroes

dr_zoidberg, CC BY-SA 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Heavy metal legends Iron Maiden have teamed up with pop culture juggernauts Marvel Comics for a very special merch collaboration!

Per a video posted on the band’s Facebook account, several clothing items are being released that bring characters from Marvel Comics and Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie together. At the time of this writing, there are four shirts currently on sale that are associated with this collaboration. One of these shirts features the character War Machine alongside the band’s mascot; on the back of the shirt it reads “Aces High.”

Another shirt features that of the Somewhere in Time Eddie alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy. Another shirt features a fist being punched through the skull of one Deadpool (we are going to assume that this fist is Eddie’s). However, our personal favorite of these shirts features a design that is a callback to the Marvel Zombies story; along with the Eddie from the band’s debut self-titled album, it also displays zombie versions of Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Deadpool, Thor, and who we believe to be either Ant-Man or Wasp (apologies for the confusion, the helmet does not ring an immediate bell).

All these t-shirts are incredibly awesome, and they are all on sale as of today! You can purchase one – or all – of these t-shirts by following this link here. You can also check out the trailer that Iron Maiden posted regarding this collaboration with Marvel Comics below. Of these designs, which one is your favorite? Who is a character you would like to see added to this collaboration?

Speaking of Iron Maiden and Marvel, this is not the first time that these two have teamed up. Back this past July, Eddie actually made an appearance in an X-Men comic! To check out the panel featuring the Iron Maiden mascot, follow the link below.

Iron Maiden Mascot Eddie Recently Appeared In A X-Men Comic Book