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How rich is Tobias Forge? What is Tobias Forge’s net worth?

Born March 3rd, 1981, Tobias Forge is most recognized as the frontman and mastermind behind the occult rock-metal band Ghost. Ghost formed in 2006 and Tobias has performed in the band under the stage names Papa Emeritus and Cardinal Copia. Prior to forming Ghost, Tobias Forge was in a band called Superior, and would end up fronting another band called Repugnant.

At the time of this writing, Ghost has released five studio albums, those albums being: Opus Eponymous (2010), Infestissumam (2013), Meliora (2015), Prequelle (2018), and  Impera (2022).

When it comes to these albums and the amount of touring the band has done, Ghost has become one of the most recognized and popular acts within the musical world. The band recently just wrapped up a big North American arena tour with the likes of Mastodon and Spiritbox.

Given the years of musical work he has been doing, what is Tobias Forge’s net worth? Given that Ghost has become such a massive act loved by many around the world (selling tons of albums and merchandise), we assume Tobias Forge is quite well off. So, what is Tobias Forge’s net worth?

Tobias Forge net worth is $4.5 million

That is a lot! But it totally makes sense when you consider how much work Tobias has put into Ghost and how successful the band has become. Does Tobias Forge’s net worth surprise you?

In other news related to the band and Forge, we recently ranked all of the band’s studio albums. From Opus Eponymous to Impera, we ranked all of the Ghost albums from worst to best. Can you guess which of the band’s albums we ranked in first place? Earlier this year, we also interviewed Tobias Forge! You can check out our interview with him by clicking this link here.