Guns N’ Roses’ Old Manager Thinks They’re Spent: ‘creatively impotent since 1991’

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After years of bad blood, it’s nice to see that Guns N’ Roses are at least partially on the mend. The animosity between Axl Rose and Slash was the stuff of rock legend, and it looked like the impossible happened when they finally settled their differences and shared the stage one more time.

If you were to ask their old manager though, don’t get your hopes up about any new music or anything.

Although we have gotten a few songs here and there like the demo version of ‘Shadow of Your Love’ from the Appetite sessions, manager Alan Niven spoke about the band not having the same spark that they did back in the day, saying:

I have no interest in seeing the band again  – their moment was Guns N’ Roses: Live at the Ritz. The Aerosmith tour was really good too –tremendous band response to tremendous audience response.

I have no hope of, or interest in, a new Guns N’ Roses album… the tantrums of youth look absurd on a 60-year-old. It’s a shame they have been creatively impotent since 1991.”

Coming right as reissues for the band’s Use Your Illusion albums are coming out, Niven also talked about how hard he fell out with the rest of the guys, going on to mention that “Slash and I used to keep in contact  –  he even came and played a benefit in our little Arizona mountain town .

But since the reunion, we have drifted apart. Axl is a canister of resentful and unappreciative bile, and it’s best to hope the lid stays on, I suppose.”

Then again, it’s not like you can’t see where he’s coming from about Axl. Since the guy has been to take his sweet time back in the day trying to just get to the stage, Axl is at least trying to move in the right direction these days, bringing both Slash and Duff back into the fold.

It took a miracle to even bring this much of Guns back, so it might not be out of the question to get another record out of the deal as well.

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