Ghost Got Done Dirty at AMA’s: Wrong Band Photo, Wrong Name & More

Tobias Forge WikiMedia Commons
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For basically their entirety, it feels like the American Music Awards just doesn’t know what to do with the world of heavy metal.

They already have some questionable choices going on with Machine Gun Kelly in the rock category at the moment, and there’s probably a slim chance that they’re ever going to have a band like Turnstile grace the stage any time soon (although with their recent 3 Grammy nominations, maybe that’s possible now).

Even when you’re one of the biggest names in modern metal though, even Ghost couldn’t catch a break at the ceremonies.

Though most of us were probably ready for Tobias Forge to show up to represent Ghost, the entire thing seemed a lot more awkward than anything else, with one photographer even referring to Tobias as “Mr. Ghost” when he was on the red carpet.

Things didn’t get much better once they were inside, with one fan remarking that the seats were not really marked correctly, sayingThey got the photo on their seating at the amas wrong though, the photo used was from a band called Love Ghost,” with another fan chiming in:

“They didn’t get the best and the brightest for the AMAs, did they? This is pretty hard to fuck up, but they managed!”


One fan put it pretty succinctly, sayingGenuinely disappointed with how Tobias Forge was treated at the AMAs. This man flew all the way from Europe to be called ‘Mr. Ghost’/’Ghost’, not have his award televised, and they put a photo of the wrong group on his chair. Tobias deserves the world, he’s worked so hard.”

Amid all of the chaos and disrespect going on though, Tobias was ever the pro throughout most of the night, including one awkward interview when he told the press that “If I could chop {this award} into however many pieces, I would chop it up and give it out to our lovely fans. So I’ll work out a plan for that.”

Even though there’s a lot of places like the AMAs that seem to care more about the glitz and glamor of Hollywood, Tobias is still the genuine guy who started things back on Opus Eponymous and is willing to go the extra mile for his fans every single day. MGK might like to flaunt his stuff, but for Tobias, it seems to be more about all of us than it is about him.