The Infamous GG Allin Is Getting a Biopic From The ‘Lords of Chaos’ Director

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Oh boy folks, GG Allin is getting his very own biopic. For those who may not know, GG Allin was a punk rock artist who was most infamously known for his live performances (which involved various transgressive theatrics).

Sometimes Allin would mutilate himself while on stage; sometimes he would get into brawls with audience members, and there and then he might defecate while on stage. Allin began his career in 1974 but passed away in 1993 due to an accidental drug overdose. And now he is getting his very own biopic.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Jonas Åkerlund will be directing this upcoming GG Allin biopic. Some of you metalheads may know Åkerlund already, specifically because he is the director responsible for 2018’s Lords of Chaos (a film that explores the early years of the black metal band Mayhem).

This upcoming film is titled GG Allin: Live. Fast. Die., and per the film’s producers, the movie is a true story “of what happens to a borderline personality when the reach for fame exceeds the limits of talent… when substance abuse goes unchecked and mental illness undiagnosed and untreated… and when a fictional character takes over a real person’s life, driving GG beyond limits anyone could possibly endure.”

Regarding this movie, Åkerlund provided the following statement: “This is exactly the type of real and raw story I am looking for and this film explores the ugly belly of the beast and how Kevin Allin came to be GG. Punk was already a genre about pushing limits, expanding on musical genres and the definition of artistic expression. At a time when punk was thought to be dead, sold out or too raw to survive, GG came into the scene bleeding, pissing, and sinking like no punk before. Live. Fast. Die. is about a sick person who should have asked for help. GG’s strong persona was a gia, but this borderline personality disorder was not treated, and killed him.”

You can bet that as soon as a trailer and release date for this GG Allin biopic is announced, we will let you know. Will you be seeing this movie?