Ex-Drummer From Thrash Metal Band Dawn Of Correction Is Suing Elon Musk For $56 Billion

Maurizio Pesce, CC BY 2.0, Wikipedia
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As reported by Reuters, Twitter and Tesla owner Elon Musk is being sued by an ex-thrash metal drummer. Richard Tornetta was the drummer for a thrash metal band called Dawn Of Correction, and he is suing Elon Musk for $56 billion!

Along with having been the drummer for Dawn Of Correction in the past, Tornetta is also a shareholder in Tesla.

Tornetta does not hold many shares with Tesla – he actually held nine shares during the time he sued Musk back in 2018. Richard’s lawsuit against Musk and Tesla is on behalf of the company, in what is known as a “shareholder derivative lawsuit”.

So why is this ex-thrash metal drummer going after Elon Musk? Well, per this Reuters report, Richard’s lawsuit “alleges Musk dictated the pay package’s terms to a board of directors beholden to the billionaire and claims it was then put to a vote of shareholders who were misled about the difficulty of reaching certain targets.”

It will be wild to see if this lawsuit actually goes through for Richard! Dawn of Correction was formed in 2005 and performed up until 2009.

During the band’s career, they released one EP and one studio album; that EP is titled Swingin’ the Chain, and the studio album is titled Dead Hand Control.

Tornetta also is not the only rocker to take issue with that of the Tesla and Twitter owner. Some months ago, Kiss frontman Paul Stanley took to his Twitter to call out Musk for his initial bid of the social media platform.

Stanley thought that Musk could have taken all the money that he spent to bid on Twitter and put it towards something that might actually help humanity.

By posting this tweet, the Kiss member ended up catching some flack from other fellow rockers. To learn more about this story, follow the link below.

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