Ex-Dillinger Escape Plan Member Ben Weinman Speaks To The Potential Of A Band Reunion

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As of quite recently, rumors were floating around the interwebs involving a potential Dillinger Escape Plan reunion. As reported by Metal Injection, ex-band drummer Billy Rymer shared a setlist of sorts that alluded to the idea of a band reunion happening at Furnace Fest 2023.

However, fellow ex-band member Ben Weinman spoke up on social media, sharing that no reunion was taking place at Furnace Fest 2023. Metal Injection made an effort to reach out to Ben for further comment, and the ex-Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist provided a statement. Per that comment Weinman provided to Metal Injection, this is what he had to say regarding the idea of a Dillinger Escape Plan reunion:

“I am so glad to see people so excited to talk Dillinger. Really heartwarming. But I can officially confirm that Dillinger Escape Plan will not be playing Furnace Fest. There has been no discussions of a reunion at this time. Apparently, Billy had a dream that we were playing and this was the setlist. He must have eaten before bed again. I told him not to do that.”

That is a bummer, for we would love to see The Dillinger Escape Plan reunite. Would you be stoked to see the band come back? Even if it were just for one show?

In other stories related to Dillinger, ex-band frontman Greg Puciato has spoken to the struggles the band endured while touring with System of a Down back in the day. Apparently, System of a Down member Daron Malakian wanted The Dillinger Escape Plan to tour with them; however, that tour was not great for Greg and the guys. To find out why, follow the link below. And some months ago, Greg also talked about seeing the late Chris Cornell the night before he died (and the impact that Chris’ death had on him).

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