Max Cavalera Speaks To How Dimebag Darrell’s Death Ended Up Influencing A Soulfly Album

Max Cavalera Photo Credit: Jim Louvau / Dimebag Darrell: Rik Goldman, CC BY 2.0, Wikipedia
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Per a new Revolver feature titled Songs For Black Days (hosted by Revolver’s Christina Rowatt), Soulfly singer Max Cavalera speaks to songs that have helped him get through difficult times.

Among the stories and songs he talks about, Max speaks to a Soulfly album that was shaped by the passing of his grandson Moses and the death of Dimebag Darrell. Max is asked about the music he has turned to when experiencing such horrid loss, and ends up speaking about how these losses ended up influencing this particular Soulfly album:

“It’s so hard, people think it’s easy… just to express what’s in your heart… yeah it’s easy to say it, but it’s harder to do it. There’s been a couple times where something good, strong came out. I think “Dark Ages” is a good example, when I made “Dark Ages.” It was right when Dimebag died and my grandson Moses also died, two days apart from each other. And I was in the studio, and that’s when I made the reference, in the studio; I said, ‘I feel like we’re living in the dark ages right now. ‘And I was like, ‘I think I’m going to call the record Dark Ages,’ because of that.”

You can check out the full Songs For Black Days feature involving Max Cavalera below. Speaking of the Soulfly frontman, we interviewed Max several months ago. We had an amazing conversation with him where we talked about the band’s new album, the relatively younger metal bands he is into, and much more. You can find a link to that interview below. We have also included a link involving a story where the ex-Sepultura singer was once arrested at a Rage Against the Machine show! It is a hell of a story that involves one heck of a scary situation!

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