David Draiman Loses It Over a Version of ‘Down With The Sickness’ Played on Kid Toys

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There’s no real getting around what kind of music you play when you call your band Disturbed.

Even if the band was playing Irish folk music for most of their career, you wouldn’t question why the words of David Draiman would be on the darker side with a name like that.

They do have a softer side though, and this is probably the most wholesome take that you could have on ‘Down With the Sickness.’

Recently blowing up on TikTok, some users made the rounds covering Disturbed’s iconic tune, only this time with a few more kids’ instruments added into the mix.

No guitars need apply here (unless they’re made by Fisher Price), as most of this version of the song is nothing but a bunch of toy pianos and plastic drums that look like a baby’s first version of musical instruments. 

The real sealing point behind the whole thing though has got to be the expression on this singer’s face, selling the whole thing completely straight-faced and having the same kind of intensity that Draiman would approve of. 

It would appear that Draiman thought the same as well, going onto TikTok and getting more than a few good laughs at the whole thing, being in hysterics once the band really kicked into the groove on the chorus and ended up playing those plastic instruments as if their lives depended on it. 

Even though Disturbed had tried to bring their aggro sense of heaviness into easy listening on their cover of ‘The Sound of Silence,’ this is the next level form of that, where you can take the innocence of these toys and turn them into something actually pretty badass.

Disturbed has tried to shake things up at different times in their career, but nowhere has a song like this been more adorable. Then again, it was probably a smart choice for them not to perform the disturbing breakdown section on top of everything else.  

Hat tip to Louder for finding this gem.

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