Dave Mustaine Was Pissed About Being Fired By Metallica + Pulled A Real Sh*tty Move On Kirk

Kirk Hammett: Metallica Facebook / Dave Mustaine: Megadeth Facebook
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Upon being kicked out of Metallica, Dave Mustaine was replaced by Kirk Hammett. From punching James Hetfield in the past (to which he feels “dumb” about), to being forward with Lars Ulrich about how he feels hurt by the band, it is well documented at this point that the Megadeth frontman did not take being kicked out of Metallica well. There are also a plethora of interviews where Mustaine speaks to his past anger with the band.

But, did you know that Mustaine allegedly made an effort to seek revenge? Specifically, he sought out to hurt Kirk.

As shared by Blabbermouth back in the day, per an another interview that took place in 2004, Dave Mustaine shared that he allegedly slept with Kirk Hammett’s girlfriend (as an act of revenge against the new Metallica guitarist). Apparently, Dave was so pissed off that Hammett “stole his job,” that Mustaine made the effort to hook up with Kirk’s girlfriend at the time. Per Dave Mustaine – via that past interview – he says:

“I really don’t care about Kirk he stole my job, but at least I got to bang his girlfriend before he took my job. How do I taste, Kirk?”

If this is really true, that is awfully shitty to do. Do you think Dave Mustaine would try to do something that low? Do you think he actually did this?

As it stands now, it seems like Mustaine and the guys in Metallica are on a much healthier page with one another… at least it seems that way. There and then you will find Mustaine throw in the odd jab, like when he said that he was the “alpha male” back in the day (between him, Lars, and James). But then you got stuff like Mustaine saying he has secretly been wanting to collaborate with James Hetfield.