Dave Mustaine Really Wants Slayer To Reunite + For The Big Four To Pass The Torch To A ‘New Big Four’

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Listen… we get that it has not been all that long, but we would really love to hear that some sort of Slayer reunion is possible. At least at some point in the future. And we are not alone when it comes to that desire, for Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine also has the same wish!

Per a recent conversation with SongFacts, the Megadeth singer and guitarist brought up his want to have another Big Four show take place. He mentions that, along with Slayer coming out of retirement and having one last epic show together, they could also use that show to “pass the torch” onto a new Big Four! Speaking about his desire for one final Big Four concert, Mustaine shares the following:

“I really think it’s time for the guys in Metallica to step up, and us do one last round, see if we can get Slayer to come out of retirement and do a ‘Big 4 passing of the torch’ to the new Big 4. It would remain to be seen who they are, but I have a feeling it would include some of the players we already mentioned.

“I think it would be really cool symbolically if we did something at like, the LA Coliseum, even if it’s one show and that’s it. Slayer is from Los Angeles, so it would probably make it more convenient for them to go home at night. I personally have been hoping for this for a while, and I keep asking and asking and asking. They’re just not into it. But that’s up to them.”

Dave does not talk about which bands he considers being the “new Big Four”; he does talk about some of his favorite guitarists, but no bands he explicitly states as potential Big Four candidates. So of course, we have to ask the readers of The Pit… among all the bands that exist today, who would you consider the “new Big Four”?

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