Clown Says He Was Gifted a Dug Up Human Bone By a Slipknot Fan

Stuart Sevastos, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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It’s safe to say that every member of Slipknot has seen their fair share of gross stuff throughout the years.

From the wild stuff that they get up to onstage to the horror stories of what went into making albums like Iowa, every one of the Nine have been known to suffer for their art or go through their fair share of filth to get what they want.

And while Clown might seem like the most unhinged out of them all, even he had his limits when someone brought him a gift on tour.

When doing one of the meet and greets with the fans, Clown was chatting with a fan when she gave him something unique for him to sign…a bone. As Clown tells it, the band were overseas when the girl came up to him, saying:

She gave me a human femur bone that she had written ‘People = Shit’ on it. It wasn’t a normal clean, bleached bone. It was brown and dirty and she had clearly gotten it from a grave.

The country where we were, it was very easy to do. This bone had sand and dust on it and in blue ballpoint pen right in the middle, ‘People = Shit.’”

While anything like that might seem metal in the moment, Clown was more than a little bit hesitant to actually sign what used to be part of someone’s body. After a bit of prodding though, he eventually relented, saying:

“If there’s one thing we are saying in Slipknot, it’s ‘Don’t ever judge me.’ So I sat her down and had a very personal talk with her. She was very deep into our thought processes and really in love with our idea, so in love that she went to these realms.”

Out of the entire process though, Clown actually seemed to walk away with a certain sense of closure, saying “So there was a person {who’s body part was taken} that had no idea they were going to be brought into our thought process. That’s how circumstantial and random life is.” 

So even in a band as demented and crazy as Slipknot seems, leave it to the guy in the Clown costume to bring a little bit of philosophy into the equation.