Watch: The Pink Dinosaur Bride On The Masked Singer Is Revealed To Be Chris Jericho

Bride sings "All Star" by Smash Mouth (with Sheila E. on percussion) | THE MASKED SINGER | SEASON 8: The Masked Singers, YouTube (Fox Entertainment, Propagate Content)
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As reported by MetalSucks, A recent episode of The Masked Singer revealed that the performer behind the pink dinosaur bride costume is none other than Fozzy frontman and AEW superstar Chris Jericho.

For those who do not know, The Masked Singer is essentially a musical talent show where individuals come on stage dressed in an array of comical and fun outfits; however, the catch comes in the form of these musicians actually being well-known artists/celebrities. The judges and audience don’t know who is under each respective mask/costume at first, so the individual can only be judged based on their performance.

Prior to the reveal that the pink dinosaur bride is none other than Chris Jericho, the following clue was provided to the judges regarding who the performer might be (as transcribed by MetalSucks):

“Dearly beloved, we gather here tonight for Hall Of Fame Night, but I vow to rock. I’m always telling feel-good stories, but let me explain how I ended up here, alone, at this junkyard wedding. I have a rugged personality, I live on the road selling out arenas and I have an appetite for destroying things. So I’m notorious for being in some of the messiest feuds. I’ve gone the solo route, and I’ve come here to master. Master a new commitment with all you Masked Singer freaks. So tonight, here comes the bride!”

While on the show, Jericho has performed a variety of great songs, including that of Smash Mouth’s “All-Star.” Below we have included a couple of videos featuring Chris Jericho performing some songs in his pink dinosaur costume. Regarding other Chris Jericho-related stories, the Fozzy frontman has shared that he feels a connection between wrestling and heavy music. You can read more about this story by following the link below.

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