Watch: Chino Moreno Releases A New Song From His Side Project ‘Crosses’

Silvio Tanaka from Sao Paulo, Brazil, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
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Back in 2011, Deftones frontman Chino Moreno started a side project called Crosses. That side project shares a lot of sonic similarities with that of Deftones; while maybe not as forwardly aggressive sounding, Crosses does present a powerful dreamy and ambient atmosphere.

The band released two EPs in 2011 and 2012, respectively, and then would go on to release their first studio album in 2014; they also released a third demo that same year. Since then, the band has released a couple of singles, but nothing like a large release (but that will soon be changing).

Next month, Crosses will be releasing their second studio album, titled Permanent.Radiant. As of today, the band has released the second single associated with that upcoming album, which is titled “SENSATION” (and it sounds awesome).

You can check out the music video for “SENSATION” below. Permanent.Radiant will be released on December 9th. In other Deftones-related news, the band will be taking part in a nu metal festival called Sick New World next year. Also, did you know that the Deftones regret making their album Saturday Night Wrists?

Some months back, we ranked all of the Deftones albums from worst to best. You can check out that full ranking by following the link below, but we have also included a brief excerpt here regarding what we think about the band’s album Saturday Night Wrists. Where do you think we ranked that Deftones album?

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Deftones Regret Making 'Saturday Night Wrist'

“Released after such records like White Pony and the self-titled album, Saturday Night Wrists feels a tad disjointed in terms of sonic identity. The band play at times with abstraction, which ends up hurting the flow of the overall music; that said, since White Pony, they have found themselves a brilliant fusion of genre and style that they’ve mastered, and Saturday Night Wrists continues to capitalize on those qualities.”

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