Chad of Nickelback’s Brother Proclaims Him ‘Best Songwriter Of Our Time’

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No matter where you stand in the world of rock and roll, you can definitely have an opinion on Nickelback.

For years, Chad Kroeger and his friends have been pumping out some of the most successful rock music of the past few decades, with some fans being ride or die and some listeners wanting to throw their stereo out of the nearest window when they hear it. Critics might hate them, but it’s nice to know that they at least think they’re great.

In a recent interview, Chad’s brother and Nickelback bassist Mike Kroeger praised his bro at length for how much he has contributed to the hard rock genre, sayingone of the great rock songwriters of our time.

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I think he belongs in the conversation of the greats of this moment in history and of the last 20 years. And it’s okay if some people don’t give him enough credit. History will be the ultimate judge. And it’s all right.”

Then again, Chad was never one to play up how good of a songwriter he is, saying that he basically tried to crack the code of songwriting “studying every piece, everything sonically, everything lyrically, everything musically, chord structure.

I would dissect every single song that I would hear on the radio or every song that had ever done well on a chart and I would say, ‘Why did this do well?’ ‘How You Remind Me’ sold so well because it was about romantic relationships, a universal subject, and contained three memorable hooks, including the “yeah-ehs” after the chorus.”

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Even if Chad doesn’t claim to have a better knack for songwriting than anyone else, Mike still stands by his brother’s approach to writing rock songs, saying “Every person, I think, interprets a song in a different way, and I think that’s kind of the magic of it.

You can throw the same song at 10 different people, and you might get 10 different answers about what is it about to them, what does it mean to them, what does it make them feel. I think that’s the great part about music.”

It’s nice to know that the guys take their criticism with a grain of salt. Then again, he’s not wrong about being able to dissect lyrics. Even a decade removed, we’re still wondering what the hell was on Joey’s head. 

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