Watch: Cello Cover Of The Metallica Song ‘Nothing Else Matters’ Makes A Cameo In Tim Burton’s ‘Wednesday’

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Another Metallica song has made its way into another Netflix show (although, this song comes in the form of a cello cover). Somewhat recently, Netflix released Wednesday, which is an Addams Family spin-off, and in one of the show’s episodes, you can hear a cello cover of the Metallica song “Nothing Else Matters.”

“Nothing Else Matters” was released in 1992 and is the third single off of The Black Album. Among their entire library of songs, “Nothing Else Matters” has become one of the band’s most popular tracks.

For those of you who may not be familiar with the premise behind Wednesday, here is what the show’s Wikipedia page has to share:

“Wednesday is expelled from her high school after dumping live piranhas into the school’s pool while the boys’ water polo team is practicing in retaliation for the team bullying her brother Pugsley. This leads her parents, Gomez and Morticia Addams, to enroll her in Nevermore Academy in Jericho, Vermont, a school for monstrous outcasts once attended by her parents. Wednesday’s cold, emotionless personality and her defiant nature make it difficult for her to connect with her schoolmates and cause her to run afoul of the school’s principal. However, she discovers she has psychic abilities that help her solve a local murder mystery.”

You can check out the cello cover of Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” below. Let us know what you think of it. What other Metallica songs do you think deserve to get some extra attention in movies and/or TV shows?

In other Metallica-related news, earlier today, we shared how there is a $7000 ticket option available for the band’s upcoming 2023 and 2024 North American tour. Seven grand is a shit ton of money, so we made sure to include what comes with such a package. Follow the link below to learn more about that package.

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