Watch: Before Nirvana Blew Up, They Performed An Intimate Show In A Small Room Above A Hair Salon

Unsplash/Yvette de Wit
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Prior to the release of their debut studio album and before Dave Grohl was in the band, Nirvana performed a show that took place in a small room located above a hair salon. The hair salon was Maria’s Hair Design, which was owned by Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic’s mom. Footage of this awesome performance has been uploaded to YouTube thanks to user Novák Zoltán. As shared by our friends over at Louder, Chad Channing was the Nirvana drummer at this time (and was also the drummer on the band’s studio album debut Bleach).

It is absolutely surreal to see Nirvana jam out in such a small space… but also, it feels very on-brand for them. While Nirvana would go on to blow up tremendously in terms of mainstream popularity, they were foremost a bunch of grunge punks just looking to create art and have an awesome time! Of course, there were desires for success, but for the guys in the band, the number one goal was always creating music that made them happy.

Below we have included two videos that feature a young Nirvana performing prior to achieving mainstream success. How amazing would it be to have attended one of these Nirvana shows? To be able to chill with a young Kurt Cobain and talk about art and music with him would be amazing.

In other news related to Nirvana, a smashed guitar that was once owned by Kurt Cobain has been sold for nearly half a million dollars! This instrument is actually the guitar that Kurt had on him during the first-ever Nirvana tour. To learn more details, follow the link below.

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Also, while Nevermind is one of the most beloved albums in the band’s catalog, did you know that Kurt was actually not a fan of that Nirvana record? Follow the link below to learn about Kurt Cobain’s issues with the mega-success Nirvana album.

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