Axl Rose Says Stop Flying Those Damn Drones at Him While He’s Trying to Rock

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There is not one day that can go by without Axl Rose, well…smearing his Axl Roseness on top of everything he does.

In recent years though, Axl has seemed to at least be on better terms with the original members of Guns N’ Roses and their recent tours at least have a shade of that old camaraderie that we loved back in the day.

The habits of a diva die hard though, and Axl had a few unkind things to say about the drones that were used during one of the band’s last shows. Although this time, to be honest, we do have to side with Mr. Rose here.

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After coming off one of their main stretches of Australian touring, Axl had a few more unkind words to say about drones that were trying to get shots of the band while they played, saying:

Had a few drones this leg. Last night was probably the most intrusive. Was a bit of a distraction as obviously someone thought it was just ok to be doing that but also it coming that close in front of the stage and then actually over n’ on stage.”

According to Ax though, he wasn’t the only one getting a little annoyed by the constant buzzing going around the stage, going on to say that:

“People were pissed. However much fun anyone’s having ur still trying to stay focused n’ do ur job n’ give the fans the best show u can. Anyway_ we get it can b ‘fun’ to get ur drone bootleg vid but we’d appreciate it if anyone planning to b a drone pirate took the fans n’ the band into consideration n’ played w/ur toys somewhere else. Big thank you in advance!”

Those drones better be careful if they know what’s good for them. Don’t they remember when Axl dove into the crowd to assault a guy just because he was taking pictures of the performance?

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Considering how different the concert experience is now, Axl at least seems to be willing to change with the times, even if it means having to lash out on Twitter every now and again.

Still, this was the man who seemed to walk off stage at a moment’s notice back in the day if someone just were to move one eyelash wrong. Now he’s the guy who will just politely ask you to move things out of his way so he can deliver ‘November Rain’ properly. The diva might be turning over a new leaf.