A7X Singer Comments On Ticketmaster Controversy – Says The Artist Set Prices On Tickets

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Many within the metal community have had issues with Ticketmaster in the past, and now they’ve ruffled the feathers of many more music lovers.

The company has often rubbed people the wrong way due to its intense fees; however, along with other recent issues, including spiked ticket prices, the company finds itself in some hot water. In fact, the U.S. Department Of Justice is investigating the company (looking to confirm if they are a monopoly).

Avenged Sevenfold singer M. Shadows decided to throw in his two cents when it comes to this matter, taking to his Twitter and writing a series of tweets about the controversy. Here is what he wrote:

“If you think Ticketmaster sets the price of tickets… you’re wrong – the artists does. If the supply is 52 stadiums but the demand is 900 stadiums (per NYT’s) you don’t automatically deserve a ticket because you are a fan. Demand exceeded supply!”

M. Shadows then goes on to add the following: “Per dynamic pricing…. Artists have watched front row tickets go for 10x-20x face value from scalpers but see none of the upside. Ask yourself if that is fair. It may suck… but is it fair?

“Leave it to grandstanding politicians to get involved in something they know nothing about…. And leave it to artists to shrug their shoulders and point the blame.”

In response to this thread, a fan asks the Avenged Sevenfold singer: “But isn’t it most unfair on fans? They pay more either way? Aye it sucks that a scalper is making money off your work but you’ve been payed the original prices you set no?”

M. Shadows replies, “This is a hard question… if you make a living playing live and someone is willing to pay 2k for front row but you are expected to keep the price 200$ would you? And is that fair? You play 10 shows now to make that same money.”

The frontman also responded to several other fans who commented on his thread regarding this latest controversy. What do you make of everything going on with Ticketmaster?

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