Listen: 1997 Slipknot Demo Features Original Band Singer Anders Colsefni Performing Earlier ‘Iowa’ Songs

Slipknot: Batte of the Bands (Full Demo 1997): Slipknot TV, YouTube
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We wonder if Slipknot would be any different today if Anders Colsefni had remained the band’s singer. For those who do not know, Slipknot singer Corey Taylor is not the band’s original vocalist – that is actually Anders Colsefni. While Anders would not appear on the band’s studio album debut, he did contribute to the band’s 1996 demo, Mate. Feed. Kill. Repeat..

He also took part in a 1997 Battle Of The Bands demo, which features some early versions of songs that would grow over time and eventually appear on the band’s 2001 studio album Iowa. This Battle Of The Bands demo features two songs on it, those being “Nature” and “Lust Disease.”

When you listen closely to each of these songs, you will more than likely pick up on some sonic elements that sound quite familiar. For example, in listening to “Nature,” you will hear some guitar parts that sound like parts of “The Heretic Anthem.” When it comes to “Lust Disease,” you will hear elements that sound just like the band’s song “Left Behind.” Hearing these early versions of Iowa songs is sick, especially when you consider the finalized versions that are on Iowa.

It is also extra neat to hear these songs performed by original Slipknot singer Anders Colsefni. Anders would end up leaving the band in 1997, with Corey Taylor stepping in as band frontman that same year. You can check out these two older Slipknot songs below.

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