Metal YouTuber Nik Nocturnal Announces ‘Nik Nocturnal Heavy Awards 2022’ – You Can Vote For ‘Album Of The Year’ Now!

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If you hang out on metal YouTube and Twitch, you are probably familiar with the work of Nik Nocturnal. He is known to upload a wide array of metal related content (some of it involving other metal artists).

But alongside all his work, Nik has decided to take on one hell of a project – hosting a metal award show! Announced as of recently, Nik Nocturnal will be hosting the Nik Nocturnal Heavy Awards 2022! Regarding this event, Nik shares the following statement:

“Metal and rock are having a renaissance on Twitch, and it’s exciting to see pro musicians, touring bands, and labels teaming up with content creators like me to help tell their stories to more fans. It’s an amazing feeling to get respect from people I looked up to when I was a kid, especially because I didn’t make it here through traditional band routes. With the help of the Twitch community and their votes, we’ll celebrate it all and highlight its greats at the ‘Nik Nocturnal Heavy Awards’!”

The categories associated with the Nik Nocturnal Heavy Awards 2022 are as follows:

  • -Breakdown Of The Year
    -Music Talk Show Of The Year
    -Guitarist Of The Year
    -Drummer Of The Year
    -Vocalist Of The Year
    -Breakthrough Band Of The Year
    -Label Of The Year
    -Music Video Of The Year
    -Best Metalhead To Follow
    -Catchiest Chorus Of The Year
    -Heavy Streamer Of The Year
    -Feels Are Real
    -Best Blegh
    -Album Of The Year
    -Song Of The Year

You can partake in voting for each of these categories now! Just follow this link here to do so. We are super excited to check out Nik’s award show when it goes live via his Twitch channel October 27th @ 2PM PST//5PM EST//11PM CET. Will you be checking out his award show?

At this time, what metal album would you award as “Best of the year”? Earlier this year, we ran a poll regarding current favorite metal albums of the year; in another month or so, we will run another poll!