‘You fuc*ing idiots’: Corey Taylor Calls Out Whiny Fans Complaining About The New Slipknot Album

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Per a recent conversation with NME, Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor got real blunt when it comes to how he feels about listeners complaining about the band’s music (specifically, that of their new album The End, So Far).

At one point during this conversation, the Slipknot singer shares the following:

“One of the problems about writing one of the heaviest fucking albums of all time is that people just expect you to do that over and over.” It is noted that, within the NME article, Taylor is referring to the band’s 2001 studio album Iowa (which is probably the most loved record among the band’s catalog). He then goes on to add, “Well, fuck, that’s so boring. If we had done that, we wouldn’t be where we are today, 100 per cent.”

Taylor later goes on to add, “When people hear [The End, So Far], they go, ‘Well, that’s a departure.’ It’s like, What are you, fucking new?’ We’ve spent 20-plus years throwing people for a loop.”

Corey then goes on to talk about people’s nature to complain; in referring to this nature, he brings up an example, that being how some folks complain about who plays Batman from movie to movie. He then gets real forward, referring to complaining fans and listeners.

“You also have to remember a large part of the population are also people who have created petitions against every Batman that has ever been fucking cast in a movie, and they’ve always been wrong.

“Who’s really right here? You fucking idiots, sometimes you just need to shut the fuck up and listen to what we give you.”

The Slipknot frontman then ends up sharing a blunt statement pertaining to the fans who have “bullshitted themselves into thinking that if they bitch enough that they’re gonna get what they want.” In regards to those fans, Corey Taylor shares the following: “That only happens with weak-minded people.”

What do you make of Corey Taylor’s comments? The band’s latest album, The End, So Far, is out now. Listen below.