Listen: Code Orange Share New WWE Entrance Song For Wrestler Bray Wyatt

Foto: Stefan Brending
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Wrestler Bray Wyatt has made his official return to the WWE, and along with that return, industrial-hardcore act Code Orange have provided his new entrance music!

If you are a wrestling fan, then you are probably familiar with who Wyatt is; however, if you are not aware of who he is, there is a chance that you have seen his iconic mask somewhere on the internet. Along with being a badass wrestler, Bray is also known for his character “The Fiend” – while portraying this character, Bray wears a chilling monster mask in the ring.

Even though Wyatt was released from his WWE contract back in July of 2021, it looks like he is back! This news took place at a recent event where Wyatt made his entrance – the crowd losing their collective minds. Speaking of that entrance though, as reported by Loudwire, Wyatt’s new entrance song comes from that of Code Orange.

While always an impressive and kick ass band, Code Orange started getting a LOT of extra attention with the release of their 2017 album Forever. Since then, the band has been gaining more popularity, becoming one of the biggest acts in metal.

The song that Wyatt is using for his entrance tune is called “[s h a t t e r].” You can check out the song for yourself below, but just a heads up, this appears to have been ripped from somewhere, so while you can hear the band’s music, you are also going to hear people cheering and shouting. Here is hoping we will actually get a recorded version of this track to listen to soon!

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