Metal Artist Willow, The Daughter Of Will Smith, Would Love To Collab With Deftones’ Chino Moreno

Willow: Willow Smith Facebook / Chino Moreno: Ralph Arvesen, CC BY 2.0, Wikipedia
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Willow, the daughter of actor Will Smith, has been making a name for herself in the world of metal. With her 2021 album Lately I Feel Everything, she started to embrace heavier styles of music (like that of nu metal). Willow has recently spoken to what it means to her to be a black woman in the world of rock, and recently got a shout out from Primus frontman Les Claypool.

During a recent interview with Kerrang!, Willow spoke to her metal fandom; in a different interview, she listed off some of her favorite metal bands that have inspired her. Per this new interview, while she speaks to those bands and a couple other acts she enjoys, she also mentions one prominent metal artist that she would love to sing and collaborate with: That being DeftonesChino Moreno. Per Willow, she shares: “I would love to sing with Chino Moreno from Deftones. He’s so amazing.”

A collaboration between Willow and Chino would sound incredible! We hope that the two vocalists come together and work on a song. Willow then went on to elaborate a little more about some of the metal bands (and one non-metal act) she really likes:

“I love Lamb Of God. I love Straight Line Stitch – they’re a great band. Also, the main singer of that band is a black woman, which I really, really love. Crowbar is an amazing band. Obviously Radiohead – I wouldn’t call them metal, but they were definitely a huge inspiration for this album. And I’ve been listening to a lot of Primus, and I love Les Claypool.”

While she has collaborated with the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, we would love to see Willow collab with some metal artists (like Chino, or even Randy Blythe). Willow’s new album <COPINGMECHANISM> is coming out this Friday October 7th. We are super excited to hear it! What are your thoughts on Willow’s heavier music? Are you looking forward to her new album?