Watch: Willow Smashes Her Guitar Through A TV During A Saturday Night Live Performance

WILLOW: ur a stranger (Live) - SNL: Saturday Night Live, YouTube
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While it has been a longtime since Saturday Night Live has invited a metal band onto their stage, they did recently invite Willow to come perform. While much of Willow’s musical career has involved her playing to an array of musical genres, it is more recently in her career where she has started to embrace elements of rock and nu metal.

As part of her recent Saturday Night Live performance, Willow performed her songs “Ur a Stranger” and “curious/furious” – these are tracks off of her new record, Coping Mechanism, which came out this past Friday. During her performance of “Ur a Stranger,” which is one of her more metal songs, she took her guitar and smashed it through a TV!

This live moment reminds us of when singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers performed on Saturday Night Live back in the day and ended up smashing her guitar on stage. While Bridgers provided an awesome performance, this moment got the internet in a fit – well, specifically, it got the dude bros complaining about Phoebe smashing a guitar (the thing that many guy rockers before her have done throughout the decades). Complaints like this are weird as shit – let rockers be rockers.

We had an awesome time watching both of Willow’s performances on Saturday Night Live, and the moment where she smashes her guitar through the TV was bad ass! You can check out Willow’s performances of “Ur a Stranger” and “curious/furious” below; her new album, Coping Mechanism, is available to purchase now.

In other news related to Willow, she recently shared how much she would love to collaborate with that of Deftones singer Chino Moreno. She has also recently talked about heavy metal gatekeeping, and what it means for her to be a black woman in the world of rock. She also got a recent shout out by none other than Primus frontman Les Claypool (who applauded her guitar skills).